Bottega Giusti was born from a passion for excellence in mechanics, engineering, and style.

Martino Giusti founded the Family business in 1960, initially dedicating himself to heavy-duty vehicles, and it has been a steep learning curve.

His first son, Andrea joined him in 1976 and since then he began to develop a unique experience in restoring classic cars, and bringing them back to their origins.

Over the years, the company activities developed into a sophisticated and professional Team, wisely coordinated with passion and enthusiasm in the factory of Castel Guelfo di Bologna. It is in this stimulating context that Bottega Giusti thrived and developed, by focusing exclusively on conservative restoration and creation of unique prototypes.

Our passion is for the iconic Defender and Range Rover models. We aim to give them a new life through a restyling inspired by elegance, excellence, and uniqueness. A classic car, restored with the highest possible craftmanship at Bottega Giusti, is a drivable timepiece that you can enjoy and truly cherish for a lifetime.



Our primary goal is to find the best possible platform as a starting point. We search for legendary vehicles with character and history and then bring them back to their original beauty. This can only happen with a faultless and meticulous restoration, aligned to the original project and by using the original parts from the Land Rover factory.

Bottega Giusti is prepared to customize and restore to suit any requests from the classic car enthusiasts looking for unique vehicles, and the special features that make a Giusti restoration so special.

The “Italian touch”, coupled with a continuous search for the best combination of colors, and the ultimate care for all components, will produce a mix of history, style, elegance, and respect for the traditions. All our vehicles are produced in limited series and numbered to keep their iconic value intact, and out of reach.

Dedication to Defender lovers is our ultimate mission. Bottega Giusti is happy to engage directly with you, to determine exactly how you want your car restored, and build together the entire journey of restoration of the vehicle of choice.

You will be proud of being part of the project with us .